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My name is Candido and I’m a husband, father, coach, and Family CFO.

Many years ago, this Texas boy met a Minnesota girl at college in Iowa; four years later, we married.  Kari’s the bomb.  Over the years, God’s blessed us with three children: Anamaria, Dido, and Tomás. The joy they have brought us is immeasurable.

I’m one of those lucky dudes who truly loves what he does.  And it allows me to do well for my family by doing well for other families. 

My children (and sometimes my wife) refer to me as “coach.” At home. No joke. I guess you could say that’s my thing:  I’m a coach.

To my clients, I’m a “money coach” and, like all coaches, I help them get better outcomes.  I start by taking the time to really understand them and their families.  Then I help them set goals and custom-design a plan to achieve them.  Finally, I keep them on track with regular follow-up meetings each and every year. 

In my community, I coach youth baseball and mentor at-risk teens.  I use my platform as Coach – intentionally and thoughtfully - as a force for good in the lives of these young people.  It’s my “church work.” 

That’s a bit about me. I hope to learn about you sometime soon. 

God bless,

Candido Palomarez