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Family CFO Service 

At a large corporation, the chief executive officer (CEO) is the visionary. He/she is tasked with determining destination and leading those in charge of the various functions: The CFO, COO, CLO, CIO, etc.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the corporation is accountable for the finance function. Making sure the enterprise has the access to capital needed to reach the destination. Making sure the annual report is on time and accurate. Making sure 401(k) costs are in line.

My Family CFO service is similar. Instead of a large corporation, we have a family. Instead of a CEO, we usually have two co-CEO's: husband and wife. With my counsel, they determine the destination and I help to set the sail to get them there. As the CFO for the family, I'm accountable for the personal finance function. The service is holistic in nature and includes coaching on planning, investments, and insurance. 

Just like a CFO at a big company reports to his/her CEO regularly, I report to my clients regularly (usually quarterly).

Other Services

 For some, the family CFO service is not a good fit, but they still need or want some coaching in one or two areas. I can help with that. Examples include...

  • Long-term care insurance - do we need this? If so, what's the best way to buy it?

  • Life insurance review - do we pay too much? Do we still have enough coverage? 

  • 401(k) plans - we don't get good service (anymore). Should we be looking at profit sharing or cash balance?